"U Already Know" - Big Freedia
"I'm a Stoner Bitch" - Adrian Daniel
"The People Should Democratically Control The Wealth They Create" - Boots Riley
"You May Get Me, But You Will Not Get Us." - Chuck D & DJ Lord
"Artists Are The Gatekeepers Of The Truch" - Paul Robeson - Craig Carpenter
"We Are All Just Love And Vibration: Find Yourself" - Demetrius Don Subayar of Suntalk
"Ride or Die!" - Hamzat Sani
"Kindness, Joy, Consideration, Truth, Awareness, Knowledge, Love, Acceptance, Passion" - Jada Pinkett Smith
"H09909, NJStreetKlan, TheOGM, L.O.E, Brick Bandits, Cloud Club, Love Over Everything, Fanbase, NJ Rebels" - Jean Lebrun
"Get Active, Stay Attractive" - Jorge "Gitoo" Wright
"Sometimes Truth Isn't To Be Intellectualized, It Just Feels Right" - K-OS
"I Think To Myself, How Did I Get Here?" - Karmenife Paulino
"Be you, express yourself, dreamer, believer, dance, live, laugh" - Kaya Marley
"NJ Rebel" - Krash Battle
"Love, Pain" - Ladene Clark
"English is a Broken Language Anyway" - Lalee Simeso
"Punk's Not Dead, It's Sleeping Drunk" - Maia Johnson
"Paint Me A Life Without Hits" - Nabil Keb
"All Praise To The Most High" - Nehemiah Johnson
"Culture, Dreams, Life, Hope, Street" - Olu Alege
"Intrigue: the last ember to die in the flames of creation" - Pesky Suicide
"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" - Pharoah Monch
"Feel First, Think Second" - Pyyramids
"Pour Devenir Immortel Et Pour Mourir  (To Become Immortal and Die)" - Rinaldy Alvarez
"Activist, African Born, Peace + War, Revolutionary, Hip-Hop, Swahili, Consciousness" - Samuill Kalonji & Pihon
"Exhaust the Bullshit. People Will Tire of The Bullshit and Listen to Other Things" - Saul Williams
"Inaudible Noise Is The Loudest" - Shaun Paige
"Reality Is Yours; Create It" - Sydney Vann
"My Accent Changed By Accident" - Theophilus London
"Surrender To The Air, You Can Ride It" - Trae Harris
"Jarad - Determined, Excited, Motivated  / Malcom - metal 4 life  / Alec - Hi I'm Alec" - Unlocking the Truth
"Respecognition, Flawed, Indomitable, Shadow, Lovecraft, Love, Optimistic" - Vernon Reid of Living Colour